Amidst all our "Best of 2011" coverage, we're still keeping an ear to the ground to find out about the most anticipated releases of 2012. Today Henry Holt president and publisher Stephen Rubin announced that the sequel to Hilary Mantel's Booker prize-winning Wolf Hall (2009) would be among them.

“I share in the enthusiasm and anticipation of the many ‘Wolf Hall’ readers who eagerly await the return to Cromwell’s life in the tangled web of Tudor England and Hilary’s vast imagination," said Rubin, citing a fall 2012 release for the novel. Readers in Mantel's native U.K. have an advantage on us here—Fourth Estate will publish the book in Britain in May 2012.

Previously, Mantel had said the book would be called The Mirror and the Light, but apparently that was axed in favor of the slightly more gruesome Bring Up the Bodies. Apropos for the time period, especially since the timeline for Bodies will encompass the downfall of Anne Boleyn. I can't wait for this one. How about you?

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