Here's yet another novel to get excited about for 2012: Nell Freudenberger's The Newlyweds will be published by Knopf on May 1.  Freudenberger, who hit the literary scene in a big way with her short story collection, Lucky Girls, hasn't published a book since her debut novel, The Dissident, came out in 2006. Judging from an excerpt that ran in the New Yorker last year, the novel will be worth the wait.

Freudenberger told the New Yorker that the book was loosely based on a chance encounter on an airplane:

Four years ago, I met a young woman on an airplane. She had just come to the United States from Bangladesh to marry an American man she’d met on the Internet. The little I learned about her on that flight suggested that she had come from an ordinary, middle-class Muslim family—a family in which a decision like hers would be almost unthinkable. I was curious to know what in a person’s makeup might lead her to change her life in such a radically unconventional way. We stayed in touch, and I eventually travelled to Bangladesh with her to meet her family.

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