More from the 2012 releases department: On April 3, Knopf will publish Pulitzer Prize winner Anne Tyler's 19th novel. The Beginner's Goodbye is the story of Aaron, a man who loses his wife suddenly when a tree falls on their house.

Aaron and Dorothy's marriage had been affectionate but not particularly passionate, yet once she is gone he finds himself surprisingly adrift—and continues to see his dead wife everywhere he goes. Can he figure out a way to say goodbye?

Tyler, who lives in Baltimore (where many of her novels are set), has been publishing polished novels for the past 40 years—and is the rare novelist who will not be interviewed in person or on the phone. "I'm too shy for personal appearances, and I've found out that anytime I talk about my writing, I can't do any writing for many weeks afterward," she told us via email, when she spoke to Alden Mudge about her 2004 release, An Amateur Marriage. As he put it, "Tyler actually seems to want her novels—her avowedly non-autobiographical novels—to speak for themselves."

Will you look for The Beginner's Goodbye this spring?



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