The final installment in Tom Rob Smith's Child 44 trilogy comes out this Thursday, January 5!

The first book, Child 44, introduced readers to Leo Demidov, Soviet war hero and rising star within Stalin's State Security force, who must stop a serial killer the State refuses to admit exists. Smith's debut made the longlist for the Man Booker, and it certainly caught our attention --  read our interview with Smith about Child 44.

Next up was The Secret Speech, which finds Demidov once again fighting a dark past. Khrushchev has come to power and promises major change in post-Stalin Soviet Russia, and a mass release of prisoners unearths feelings of revenge toward Demidov.

Read all about what to expect in Agent 6, the final installment, in our review and in Tom Rob Smith's Behind the Book.

AND check out the trailer from Grand Central Publishing:

Will you be picking up a copy of Smith's finale?

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