I work on the mystery and suspense coverage at BookPage, and one of my favorite parts of the job is discovering new series. (As any mystery lover knows, there are many, many ongoing series starring a particular detective, PI, medical examiner, etc.)

Today I want to alert you to a promising series I've just discovered—I'm coming onto it a bit late, as the first book (The October Killings) came out in January of 2011. But book #2 was just released today, so you still have plenty of time to catch up!

The series is by South African author Wessel Ebersohn, and book #2, Those Who Love Night, "positively crackles with suspense" according to reviewer Barbara Clark. The mystery stars Abigail Bukula, a lawyer in her country's Department of Justice who must travel to Zimbabwe to "unravel a twisted skein of terror." Bukula has learned that a cousin (she has only just discovered existed) is reportedly being held in a Zimbabwean prison known for brutality and corruption. She goes to Zimbabwe to learn the truth about his imprisonment—although, of course, her journey does not go according to plan. Read more in the review.

Have you discovered any new mystery series lately? Will you check out Ebersohn's books?

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