The February edition of BookPage is packed with recommendations for love stories—be they real-life insights on modern love or romance novels. A highlight of the issue is a sidebar on swoon-worthy new romance series.

The series include a Gothic Victorian take on Beauty and the Beast; a sexy fantasy; and a sweet Western-contemporary. In the write-ups of the books, you can find plot descriptions as well as a Chemistry Index, a Sizzle-O-Meter and Favorite Lines. (Personal favorite? “You’re aroused.”) Read more here.


There are SO many exciting new romance series coming out, though, that we had a hard time narrowing the list to just three. In addition to the three mentioned in the sidebar (and pictured above), here are even more romance series launching in the coming weeks.

Brenda Joyce launched a new series on January 31 with Seduction, which takes place in France and England of 1793. This historical series is based around the French Revolution, and its tagline is "In dangerous times, they will die for love of country—and for love." If you're interested in the politics of a historical period—and you like a complicated (in a good way!) love story—then this series is for you.

I am most familiar with Carolyn Jewel's edgy paranormals, but her writing is so evocative of desire and passion that I knew her new Regency romance series would be good! Book one is called Not Wicked Enough, and it's about a woman who goes to an estate to comfort a widowed friend—then ends up falling for said friend's brother (with the help of a Gypsy medallion)!

Amish-centered inspirational romance is still popular—I've heard the interest is connected to people wanting to escape from their over-scheduled lives, combined with a fascination with the culture—and Charlotte Hubbard's new series will warm the hearts of many readers. Book one, Summer of Secrets, is on sale today. The story takes place in Willow Ridge, Missouri, where a young Amish woman is shocked by an event that disrupts her life—and maybe her marriage.

Cynthia Garner debuts this month with the first book in her paranormal romance series, Kiss of the Vampire. If you're looking for a page-turner of a romance filled with unusual creatures (vampires, humans and demons—oh my!); suspense; and plenty of passion . . . turn to Garner's supernatural and sexy world.

ETERNAL YOUTH (Ballantine)
Next month, you can look forward to the launch of a suspenseful paranormal series from Suzanne Brockmann. Book one, Born to Darkness, is about a woman in training to tap into her brain's secret powers and become a super human. When a little girl is kidnapped, the woman goes on a mission to save her . . . with the help of very attractive Navy SEAL.

An exciting trend in romance these days is the combination of sub-genres—like Delilah S. Dawson's new steampunk-meets-paranormal romance series that starts with Wicked As They Come. This debut, out on March 27, is about a woman who finds a locket that transports her to another world—a world of "Bludmen." Bludmen are blood-drinking creatures who aren't vampires and aren't eternal . . . but they sure are attractive.

These are but a few of the upcoming new romance series. Which will you read first? What other series are you looking forward to? It's so much fun to get on board a series at the beginning . . . What are you waiting for?!

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