Anna Randol's debut romance novel, A Secret in Her Kiss, is our Romance of the Month!

Major Bennett Prestwood is ordered to Constantinople to act as protector and chaperone to beautiful British spy Mari Sinclair, who isn't interested in having a guardian. Romance columnist Christie Ridgway loved it for its exotic locale and the constant threat of danger.

Check out an excerpt from A Secret in Her Kiss, when Bennett is meeting who he believes to be Mari (read more here):

Bennett studied the woman before him--or at least what little he could see--a grand total of two brown eyes. Not even her eyebrows showed under the garish golden silk that swathed her entire form. Her native garb stood in awkward contrast to the traditional English decor of the ambassador's parlor, clashing horribly with the pink embroidered flowers on the chair beneath her. A dandelion in one of his mother's rose beds. "So you agree to the conditions?"

Miss Sinclair dipped her head, shrinking even further into the overstuffed chair. "Yes." Her words fluttered the fabric of her veil.

"I know it might be a bother to write out an hour-by-hour itinerary every morning, but it is for your safety."

"Yes, sir." She darted an anxious glance at the closed door.

Bennett paced in front of the large marble fireplace, then tapped his fingers on the mantel. Both of his sisters would've laughed in his face if he'd dared to make such a suggestion to one of them. He'd expected at least some protest. The sum the government was paying her must be substantial indeed.

Silence hung awkwardly in the stifling room. He eyed the shut windows. He still couldn't think of words to adequately describe the city of Constantinople spread out beneath them. The city resembled nothing so much as an aging courtesan's dressing room table overflowing with rouge pots and cream jars and a few candlesticks interspersed throughout.

He cleared his throat and forced his attention back to the woman in front of him. They could discuss the rest of his plans during the next few days. Now that they could claim an acquaintence, he could call on her without attracting undue attention. "That will be all for now, Miss Sinclair, it's been a pleasure meeting you."

She sprang to her feet in an eruption of silk and fled toward the door. Bennett scrambled to open it for her. The woman's work involved two of the most vindictive nations in Europe. He'd expected her to have more pluck.

In a 7 Questions interview with Randol, we chatted about writing and her next book. Her answer about sexiest scenes is enough to convince anyone to pick up A Secret of Her Kiss!

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