It's no secret that we're fans of both Stephen King and Lauren Grodstein, so we were especially excited to hear that the two are doing a live webcast for the Algonquin Books Blog on March 3. King is a great champion of lesser-known artists, both musical and literary, and he's definitely picked a winner here. Can't wait to see how this conversation unfolds.


As if you needed another reason to want an iPad: Book critics—and buddies—Laura Miller and Maud Newton have created The Chimerist, a new site that explores "the intersection of art, stories, and technology" by highlighting iPad functions and apps with a literary or artistic angle. Just a few posts in and I'm hooked: the Strange Rain app sounds totally crazy, in a good way, and I've been inspired to look for an Escher wallpaper for my iPhone.


We were delighted to find out a couple of weeks back that author Kate Christensen has started a blog. As you might expect, it's not the typical
"come to my author signings" kind of blog. It's more of a memoir-cum-diary, and it's anything but chronological. The two things you're guaranteed are excellent writing and a recipe at the end. I will absolutely be making the "Bachelor's Supper" from one of last week's posts.


Ever wondered where the printer's marks (aka colophons) on the spines of books came from? Publishers from Penguin to Pocket to Knopf addressed that question this week on Publishing Trendsetter, and their answers might surprise you. My favorite is the story behind Overlook Press' winged elephant.


What links have you discovered this week? Tell us in the comments!

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