Eskimos might have 1,000 words for snow (they don't, but bear with me), but debut novelist Eowyn Ivey holds her own with The Snow Child. It's a spectacular tale of a post-WWI Alaskan couple whose wish for a child is answered when a wild little girl seems to appear from the snow.

According to our reviewer, even better than the whimsical plot is Ivey's ability to conjure the feeling of winter (she's an Alaska native):

"You feel the snow and cold in your lungs, as if you’ve inhaled the place’s icy air, or spent time crunching through pure white blinding snow that comes up to the knees. Very rarely has the beauty and unyieldingness of nature been described so sensuously."

Check out the wintry trailer from Hachette:

It sounds so magical. Do you enjoy snowy stories when it's cold outside?

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