I'm out of the office today and for the rest of the week because I've got bridesmaid duty at a wedding in Minnesota. So it seemed only appropriate to highlight February's lifestyle column, which is about . . . weddings!

Lifestyles columnist Joanna Brichetto recommends three books to help brides with budgeting, organization and general not-going-nuts-'cause-the-wedding-industry-is-bonkers.

I can personally give my stamp of approval on the Top Pick in Lifestyles this month, A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene. I'm not even engaged, and I love love love Keene's thoughtful, empowering and yes, practical, blog—which truly is addictive.

By the way, if you love all things wedding, you ought to read January's Top Pick in Nonfiction: The Magic Room by Jeffrey Zaslow, which is the heartfelt story of a 78-year-old bridal shop in Fowler, Michigan. (We posted about Zaslow's tragic death earlier in the week.)

What's your favorite wedding guide book . . . or book about weddings?

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