Journalist, novelist and artist Brian Joseph Davis has started a new tumblr with a terrific hook: he's using forensic software program Faces ID to compile composite images of literary characters based on their descriptions. As he explained to The Atlantic, "it's a combination of literary criticism -- which I know well -- and forensics -- of which I'm an utter amateur." Visit The Composites for more creepy sketches.


Over the years at BookPage I continue to be astounded by the number of presidential biographies published each year. Still, I always feel slightly guilty for groaning when I hear about yet another one (hey, I'm the fiction editor). But no longer, because it appears there are enough books about JUST ONE PRESIDENT to create a 34-foot tower in the lobby of  Ford's Theatre Center for Education and Leadership in Washington, D.C. Yes, some 6,800 books about Lincoln were used to build that tower. Pretty incredible.

34-foot book tower


What links have you discovered this week?

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