Lovers of books about books fell for Carlos Ruiz Zafon's English debut, The Shadow of the Wind, back in 2004—including BookPage. Since then, Ruiz Zafon has mostly focused on children's books, though he took a brief foray back into the world of Shadow with 2009's The Angel's Game. Three years later, he's adding a third book to the trilogy, one that more straightforwardly returns to the timeline and characters established in The Shadow of the Wind.

When The Prisoner of Heaven (Harper) opens, Daniel Sempere is happily married to Bea, reveling in the birth of their son and looking forward to celebrating the marriage of their friend Fermin. Then a mysterious, limping stranger walks into Sempere & Sons and hints at a secret in Fermin's past.

Find out more about The Prisoner of Heaven on Ruiz Zafon's website. Will you look for it in June?


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