The NY Daily News addressed one of the lesser-discussed points of eReader ownership: What does it mean when a thief can make off with your entire book collection? Writes Lindsay Goldwert:

I can’t lie, I felt a bit of comeuppance, although I wasn’t sure why. Perhaps one was supposed to suffer the weight of Wallace’s work. Perhaps readers were supposed to have bulging neck discs.


The Guardian reports that 500 long-lost fairy tales, collected in the mid-19th century by German folklorist Franz Xaver von Schönwerth, have been rediscovered. Von Schönwerth was so well-regarded in his day that even Grimm acknowledged to King Maximillian II that Schönwerth was the only person whose work could compare with his own. Apparently the Von Schönwerth made "no attempt to put a literary gloss" on the folk tales he collected, which is what sets him apart from Grimm and Anderson. We're thinking the folks at Disney are pretty psyched right now: most of these fairy tales are not collected elsewhere. Should we expect "The Turnip Princess" in theaters in 2014?


Fellow E. Nesbit devotees alert! Someone on etsy is selling a Psammead pillow. Sure, they're calling it "beast no 164," but we all know who it really is. No word on whether it grants wishes.


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