Welcome to the world of instant book publishing. It may have taken Jeremy Lin just a few short weeks to become the hottest player in the NBA, but it has taken even less time for a publisher to release an ebook about the basketball phenom. Skyhorse Publishing has announced that its $1.99 ebook, Jeremy Lin: The Incredible Rise of the NBA's Most Unlikely Superstar, will go on sale Thursday. A longer print version of the book by veteran sportswriter Bill Gutman will be released in September.

"We think we are the first mainstream publisher out with a Lin ebook — the rest of the ebooks on Lin floating around are self-published," says Oleg Lyubner, publicity director at Skyhorse. He also points to the "two-step publication schedule" of an ebook combined with a later, longer print release as a publishing innovation.

Gutman completed the 20,000-word ebook almost as fast as Lin can dribble down the court. "It took 10 days from signing of the contract to delivery of the ebook manuscript," says editor Jason Katzman at Skyhorse.

In the ebook, Gutman traces Lin's rise from his earliest days as the child of Taiwanese immigrants in California. Though both his parents were  5'6", and Lin himself was only 5'3" when he started high school, he ended up growing a full foot taller and becoming the point guard at Palo Alto High School. Lin fans will relish Gutman's point-by-point descriptions of his high school games, his eventual recruitment to play college ball at Harvard and his experiences in the Ivy League. The second half of the book follows Lin as he joins the Knicks and triggers the eruption of Linsanity around the world.

Basketball fans who don't find enough excitement in marking their NCAA brackets and watching second-round games tomorrow (go, Vanderbilt!) might want to take a shot at reading Jeremy Lin.

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