In BookPage, Lori Foster’s romance novels have been praised for their explosive sexual chemistry and their sizzling combination of alpha hero and determined heroine. Just by looking at the cover of one of these scorchers, you could definitely call them “hot”—a description that’s reinforced by Foster’s writing.


Foster's latest novel, A Perfect Storm—book #4 in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series—is on sale today. The hero is bounty hunter Spencer Lark, and the heroine is rescued sex slave Arizona Storm, whom we met in Savor the Danger. (Read more on Foster’s website.)

I wanted to know what makes us root for Spencer, or for any hero. Here, Foster explains the must-have qualities of her sexy heroes.


guest post by Lori Foster

I like to mix it up with a variety of backgrounds and occupations for my heroes. In my Buckhorn Brothers series, I wrote a country doc, vet, handyman and sheriff. In my Fighter series I had men highly skilled in MMA—mixed martial arts. (Love that sport, by the way.) I’ve written cops and P.I.s, a remote viewer and a preacher. But there are certain things that all my heroes have in common, because some traits are just too important to ever leave out.

1. Honor. No matter what a hero has in his background, he has to have found his own personal sense of honor. He grows up, he perseveres and he has to know the difference between right and wrong. Mick Dawson, from Enticing, was horribly neglected as a kid, but he became a cop to fight injustice, and to ensure he never blurred the lines.

2. Responsibility—not only for himself, but for others as well. No man stands alone in this world, and capability means you look out for those who can’t look out for themselves. A perfect example is Jordan, from the Buckhorn Brothers. He falls for a single mother of two who is overwhelmed in caring not only for her children, but for her ailing mother as well. The responsibilities that would send some men running instead cause my heroes to dig in with determination to help. I love that about my heroes!

3. Humor. Seriously, who can stand a grim person? Not me. Okay, at times he can be grim—like if a bad guy is shooting at him, or threatening someone he loves. But then he has to lighten up. Think Jackson Savor, from Savor the Danger. No matter what happened, Jackson kept the heroine grinning. That is, when he wasn’t leaving her breathless with his sex appeal.

4. And that brings me to . . . Sex Appeal. He’s gotta be sexy. Confidence, knowledge, daring and awareness of what he wants—which always has to be the heroine, right? I could name any one of my heroes for this.

5. Lastly, he has to have compassion and understanding. If it weren’t for those two qualities, A Perfect Storm never would have happened, because Arizona would have kicked Spencer to the curb. But Spencer is that perfect mix of take-charge Alpha and caring man that can melt even a hard case like Arizona. Once held captive by human traffickers, Arizona is a contrast of skilled determination and stark vulnerability. Compassion not only keeps Spencer from pushing her too far, but it helps him to understand her need to prove herself.

Personally, I enjoy reading about a strong, sexy, caring man who can make me laugh, so I hope you enjoy reading that, too!

Thanks, Lori! Readers: What qualities do you love to see in a hero?

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