The world always seems to need saving, doesn't it? In Nick Harkaway's second novel, Angelmaker, it's business as usual—not. It's a steampunk/mobster noir/thriller that tosses clockmaker Joseph Spork into a race against time (get it?) to halt the oncoming end of days.

Here's what our reviewer had to say:

Angelmaker is the stuff that steampunk is made of—the heroes are stalwart, the antagonist so villainous he makes even the worst Bond foe seem charmingly amateurish, and the threat monstrously dire. Just as importantly given the genre it inhabits, the devices, constructs and “doodahs” created, used and coveted by all sides involved are marvelously varied, inventive, and either inspiring or sinister (and sometimes both).

Check out the book trailer to meet the Angelmaker cast:

What do you think of Angelmaker?

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