The Pulitzer controversy was the big story this week, inspiring outraged commentary from judges Larson & Corrigan as well as the likes of Ann Patchett, The Morning News ToB crew and Bethanne Patrick, suggesting changes in the Pulitzer judging process and highlighting the lost profits for booksellers who would have seen increased sales for the winner. Galleycat has collated some of the Twitter responses here.

Lev Grossman, TIME book critic and novelist himself, is among the few voices of dissent with an interesting piece on why he thinks the board was right not to award a prize.

"[G]iven how few really important novels get published, and the fact that nobody can grok all of them, what are the odds that an actual masterpiece will find a jury member and a few board members who are capable of recognizing it as such? They’re high — but they’re not so high that it’s going to happen every year, and for an organization like the Pulitzer board to automatically hand a prize to a novel every single year feels a bit like bad faith to me."

Where do you fall in this debate?


Book designer Chip Kidd gave a hilarious TED talk about book cover illustration—or, as he calls it, showing what a story looks like.


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