Despite having a channel name that must be abhorrent to readers everywhere, the Syfy network has scooped up the rights to a few lesser-known titles from best-selling authors Stephen King and Charlaine Harris.

grave sight image charlaine harrisHarris' Harper Connelly series, featuring a tough female protagonist, has been optioned for a paranormal drama series called "Grave Sight." After being struck by lightning, Harper can "hear" the final thoughts of dead people, which lead her to their bones. A writer from "Law & Order: SVU" has been drafted to write the pilot. No fairies or vamps here; other than Harper's psychic talents, this four-book series is grounded in gritty realism. Harper and her stepbrother/business partner, Tolliver, both had drug-addict parents, and Harper lives in hope (and fear) of learning something about the fate of her older sister Cameron, who went missing years earlier.

eyes of the dragon kingMeanwhile, the channel has also optioned Stephen King's The Eyes of the Dragon for a "movie or miniseries," according to EW. This is one of the few King books that could be parent-approved—King began it as a bedtime story for his daughter Naomi and named one of the main characters after her. (Think a step up from the Narnia series, with a dash of The Princess Bride.) As EW notes, the "Game of Thrones" era is the perfect time to bring a story set in a fairy-tale kingdom, featuring an evil magician who threatens a weak king and his two very different sons, to the small screen.

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