Is there anything more romantic than a wedding?

The summer wedding season is right around the corner, and romance fans can get in the spirit with a delightful anthology featuring three love stories, Kiss the Bride. The superstar authors are New York Times bestseller Deirdre Martin; USA Today bestseller Christie Ridgway (you might know her as the romance columnist for BookPage!); and up-and-coming author Laura Florand.

The three love stories star a fashion exec, a wedding planner and a food blogger. These women meet sexy heroes and have wonderful happily ever afters . . . but to go on those journeys, you'll have to check out the book yourself. (It's on sale now.) Here we've gathered three fun wedding stories from the authors:


We were married on Long Island in late August, which can be one of the hottest times of the year. But it was the only time we could book the venue we wanted, so we grabbed it. My husband, who has a big problem with sweating when it's extremely hot out, was having fits the morning of the wedding, since the temperature was supposed to hit 98 degrees, with high humidity. But a miracle occurred! Not only did the temperature never get above 85, but cool breezes blew all day. To this day, we always refer to it as "Our Wedding Day Miracle." So believe it or not, the weather is what made our day extra special!



I wanted to have a small wedding. Family only . . . 25 people, tops. But then my mom got involved and we had 80, including a couple of dogs, as you can see. It was in her backyard, and my brother married us. (He's a financial analyst but has one of those paper ordinations . . . it's completely legal, and he's performed many marriages--without a single divorce!) The ceremony was lovely, Big Brother said wonderful things, but left out maybe the most important words: "Now you may kiss the bride!" The audience had to shout out to remind him.



My own weddings were crazy.  Notice the plural! I’ve only been married to one man, my own handsome, sweet Parisian, but we ended up having four ceremonies on two continents. We were trying to make sure each of our families (his French, mine American) could attend, but a surprising number of them ended up flying across the ocean to take part in both. Besides all the crazy, hilarious moments that occur when trying to get two people from two different countries married (four times), the thing that most stands out from our weddings is the amount of love and generosity and enthusiasm our families and friends poured out for us. It was truly special, and humbling. So many funny, touching and often mind-boggling things happened during our own true life cross-cultural romance and the meeting of families, that I ended up writing a memoir about it: my first book, Blame It on Paris.

I always wrote and read romances, but I have to say that before my own, I was something of a skeptic about how close they could come to real life. Now I’m converted. Even the very best romances only just touch on how world-changing and important falling in love is. And how it can affect—for the better—far more than just two people. I’m delighted to share a romantic Parisian that everyone can enjoy in All’s Fair in Love and Chocolate, featured in Kiss the Bride.


Thank you, Deirdre, Christie and Laura! Readers: Do you have a sweet personal wedding story you'd like to share? What's your favorite wedding scene from a book?

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