Joanne Harris' delightful, magical 1999 novel Chocolat became a surprise bestseller and a major motion picture. She continued the story of chocolatier Vianne Rocher in 2008's The Girl with No Shadow. On October 2, she's sending Vianne and her daughters Rosette and Anouk back to the small town of Lansquenet, where it all began, in Peaches for Father Francis (Viking).

It's been eight years since Vianne left the small riverside village, and now her former nemesis, Father Francis, needs her help. There's a new woman shaking up the town: Inès Bencharki, part of a Muslim community called Les Maurads. "Hidden under her black veil, she seems as impervious to hostility as she is to gossip, scandal or offers of friendship. Even Vianne’s magic – even her chocolates — have no power over her," is Harris' intriguing description of this Moroccan woman.

I'm intrigued by the topical angle that Harris is taking here. Will you read it?

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