It's been two years since Warner Brothers won the heated auction for the screen rights to Ernest Cline's Ready Player One, and it'll be another two years before the movie comes out.

But people can't stop talking about it, particularly guessing casting on the RP1 Facebook page (Jesse Eisenberg? Ellen Page? Robert Downey Jr.?) and speculating about how the movie will move between actual and virtual reality.

The only verified news about the movie is that Cline wrote the screenplay (he also wrote the script for the movie Fanboys) and Eric Eason is doing a script rewrite.

Cline recently talked a bit about the movie here:

"It has the kind of, uh, Inception level of visual creativity that you can go with. That's why I'm really excited for the director to get hired. We're still in the very early stages, but once the director comes on board and brings, like, whatever their visual, you know, whatever their vision is to the OASIS, I'm really excited what's going to happen."

Ready Player One comes out in paperback next month—check it out and start making your own predictions.

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