We had a special treat at the BookPage office this week: YA authors Jen Calonita (author of Belles), Elizabeth Eulberg (author of Take a Bow) and Jackson Pearce (author of Purity) dropped by to say hello!

I chatted with them about the books they were obsessed with as teenagers, embarrassing moments, character BFFs and more.

The authors were so much fun to talk to (as you can tell from the video!) and I am excited about reading all three of their novels. Here are quick plot descriptions:

Belles is about a teen girl who is forced out of her comfort zone when she moves in with preppy relatives. Take a Bow takes place at an elite performing arts high school (we interviewed Eulberg about it for Children's Corner!). Purity is about a teen girl who struggles with honoring her mother’s dying wishes while still remaining true to herself (we interviewed Pearce about her "Little Red Riding Hood" re-telling a couple of years ago).

Just for fun, I'll ask you a few of the questions I asked the authors: What book were you obsessed with when you were a teen? If you could be friends with any book character . . . who would it be?

My answers are a) A Ring of Endless Light and b) Hermione Granger. Duh!

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