Sadie Jones, author of the award-winning The Outcasts, heads into new, weird territory with her third novel, The Uninvited Guests.

The story takes place over a single day in the crumbling Sterne estate, somewhere in the pre-WWI English countryside. A train derailment disrupts the day's party, and what follows is "a kind of prickly menace and biting wit . . . [that] builds to a horrible crescendo in a scene with echoes of the war to come."

Check out our Q&A with Jones, where she chats about The Uninvited Guests and its pre-war English setting:

I simply needed a time we perceive as beautiful and romantic and yet trembles on the brink of the unknown. Western civilization was at a peak, both culturally and scientifically; to me that generation sits like white icing on the dark slag heap of the century before it, looking blindly toward the new century, the mass suicide of the Great War.

The book trailer for The Uninvited Guests features an excerpt from the novel:

Is Sadie Jones' newest on your list?

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