Austin and Emily by Frank Tuner Hollon
MacAdam/Cage • $20 • ISBN 9781596923737
on sale June 8, 2012

Soul mates are frequently the subject of fiction—but you've never met soul mates like Austin and Emily, the mismatched but devoted lovers at the center of Frank Turner Hollon's new novel. Emily Dooley is a beautiful 23-year-old stripper; Austin McAdoo is a 347-pound canned ham salesman who's a big Three Stooges fan. When he wanders into her Tampa strip club one night, the two feel an instant attraction. She quits her job, he quits his and they set off (with her two cats, Glenn and Ulysses) on a picaresque journey cross-country to see, among other things, the Grand Canyon.

If you like road-trip novels laced with a liberal dose of humor and limitless imagination, this one's for you.

Emily reached full snore, like Curly on The Three Stooges, a sucking grunt, the inhale being the loudest, and then the exhale a flapping sound. It was hard for Austin to believe such a noise could come from this beautiful creature, but come it did, over and over, until he could stand it no more, and slammed on the brakes as part of an elaborate plan to avoid hitting a non-existent dog crossing the highway.

Emily awoke in a fright, her body whiplashed forward. Austin released the brakes and exclaimed, "That was close."

"What happened?" Emily asked. Her heart raced.

"We nearly hit a dog."

"What kind of dog?" she asked.

Austin's plan lacked details. He said the first thing that came to his mind. "A basset hound, I think."

Emily looked back through the rearview mirror. "You hardly ever see basset hounds on the interstate."

"That's exactly what I was thinking," Austin replied. And then the blaring sound of a siren filled the air.

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