While looking at the lineup of October romance releases today, I had to do a double-take:

Melissa Cutler's debut novel, The Trouble with Cowboys, will be published by Kensington's Zebra imprint on October 2. It's a small-town, sexy western in a contemporary setting. If you like the book, there will be more where this came from. Cutler's book is #1 in the new Catcher Creek series. Look for future installments in October 2013 and 2014.

Denise Hunter's The Trouble with Cowboys will be published by Thomas Nelson on . . . October 2! This is another small-town romance, although this one has a Christian bent. Hunter is a romance veteran with 10 books to her name, including Seaside Letters, which BookPage romance columnist Christie Ridgway called "a tender love story" that poignantly portrays "the awkwardness and tension between two people who feel a chemistry they’re not ready to admit."

And if that's not enough, look what else is coming out on October 1 from Sourcebooks. This historical romance from author Mary Wine follows April's The Highlander's Prize:

I will admit that I sometimes have a hard time remembering book titles, but this October, I guess the magic word in romance is "trouble."

Just for fun, read on for the first few sentences from each book. Romance fans: Which book will you read first?

From Melissa Cutler:

Chefs the world over loved to riff about ingredients as inspiration, about tender leaves of fresh-picked basil or fall's first crop of apples sparking the creation of whole menus in their minds. For many chefs, food spoke to them like muses, guiding forces of creativity. Not Amy.

From Denise Hunter:
Annie Wilkerson was sitting in the Chuckwagon, minding her own business, when he mosied in. He was with a crowd, of course. He always traveled in a pack—him and his handful of ardent admirers.

From Mary Wine:
"Ye are nae me husband..."

"Maybe I want it just that way, marriage is boring..."

Daphne MacLeod kicked at her bedding, but the dream held her tight. Part of her was content, maybe even eager to sink down into the memory of being in Norris Sutherland's arms.

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