Here's one of the more awesome book jackets I've seen lately—the glow in the dark cover for Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore. That's right. It actually glows! Or as the author of the book, first-time novelist Robin Sloan, wrote on his blog:

When this book sits on shelves and in store windows: It will glow. When it rests at night on your bedroom floor, or reclines on your tray table during a transatlantic flight with the shades all pulled down and the passengers all dozing: It will glow. And when it’s late and you’re reading in bed because maybe—just maybe?—you can’t put it down: It will glow!

Check it out:

And in the dark!

How cool is that?

By now you're probably wondering what this book is about. Well, it takes place in a kooky "vertical" bookstore that's open 24 hours a day. It involves a cult. And Google. And some good-old-fashioned detective work. It's based on a short story that Sloan wrote in 2009; you can read it here. Sloan, who has worked for Poynter, Current TV and Twitter—and who funded the writing of his story on Kickstarter—obviously has an affection for the tech world and gadgets, which play into his novel.

But thanks to this snazzy cover design, I think this may be one book that's more fun to read on paper than on an e-reader. What do you think? Will you check out this glowing book in October? (It's also—har har—getting glowing reviews. The novel has been chosen for Barnes & Noble’s Discover Great New Writers program and is on October's Indie Next List.)

For our favorite book covers of 2011, click here. See here for our favorites in 2010. I predict that Mr. Penumbra will make our 2012 list!

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