On Tuesday, my personal favorite book of 2011, Catherine the Great by Robert K. Massie, came out in paperback. I love the regal red touch they added to the cover.

But wait—there's more! Modern Library has reissued new versions of Massie's previous books on the Romanovs: the book that started it all, Nicholas & Alexandra (1969); Pulitzer Prize-winner and my personal fave biography of all time, Peter the Great (1980);  and The Romanovs: The Final Chapter (1995), written after the discovery of the royal bones in a mass grave in Siberia. (via)

These editions have beautiful matching covers with typography that looks vaguely Cyrillic  without being obnoxious (doesn't the small "a" recall the Russian "?"?) and the double-headed eagle that was the royal family's symbol. Their appeal is almost enough to make me consider buying new versions, even though I got my well-loved copies signed when Massie visited Nashville last fall and therefore will never, ever consider giving them up.


Do reprints ever tempt you into buying multiple copies of old favorites? Is anyone with me in the RKM fan club? :)

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