Lois Lowry's The Giver won a Newbery Medal for its thought-provoking exploration of a world without choices. Then came Gathering Blue and Messenger, which explore the same haunting themes. Technically for children, these books and the questions they invoke have stuck with me into adulthood and I've met many others who agree.

Now, Lois Lowry has finally announced the end of The Giver series with the release of Son, which is available in bookstores and online today! Set in the same familiar world, Son follows a 14-year-old birth mother's quest to find her son after he is taken from her. This is an especially meaningful choice for the author, whose Air Force pilot son died in a plane crash.

But Lowry never thought she would write a sequel to The Giver, and certainly she didn't think it would become a series. An interview with BookPage explains why she kept on writing about the world of The Giver:

“I thought The Giver would be a single book,” laughs the author, speaking from her home in Maine. She was inspired to continue Jonas’ story in part because of young readers’ reactions to The Giver’s ambiguous ending.

“Kids like things tied up a little more,” she explains. “It was clear from letters and emails that kids didn’t like the ambiguity of the ending.” This led to the next books in the series, Gathering Blue and Messenger.

Technically, this trailer is more of an interview, but I thought it was extremely well done and provided a lot of insight into the person of Lois Lowry and her thoughts on this wonderful series.

Are you excited about the final book of the series or, like me, are you a little sad to see it end? Will you be reading Son, or sharing it with a child in your life?

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