As a follow-up to an earlier post, we wanted to let readers know about a hopeful development that followed the publication of Kim Kavin's Little Boy Blue. Kavin's book tells the story of her rescue dog, Blue, and her search to discover where the puppy came from and how it ended up near her home in New Jersey. She traced Blue's route back to a shelter in rural Person County, North Carolina, where it had narrowly escaped being euthanized in a gas chamber. Kavin learned that Person County Animal Control, like other tax-funded shelters, kills the vast majority of animals it takes in, despite the fact that many are healthy and adoptable. Little Boy Blue includes a heart-breaking description of the gas chamber being put to use.

As a result of the outcry provoked by the book, the Person County shelter has announced that it is ending the use of its gas chamber immediately, a move that Kavin describes as "a great first step for these facilities in working toward becoming true shelters that help to save animals." Kavin hopes to join efforts to introduce federal legislation to limit use of gas chambers at taxpayer-funded animal shelters nationwide.

Congratulations to Kim Kavin for her fine reporting and writing, which helped to bring this deplorable situation to light.

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