I am unofficially declaring this thriller week at BookPage, what with our awesome giveaway of 10 (count 'em!) suspense novels, our thriller-themed BookPageXTRA and two new interviews with popular mystery authors. Also, it doesn't hurt that The Twelve is finally on sale today.

BookPage Assistant Editor Cat Acree interviewed Norwegian sensation Jo Nesbø about his new novel, Phantom. BookPage mystery columnist Bruce Tierney calls this book "one of the finest suspense novels to come out of Scandinavia to date."

In the Q&A, Nesbø explains how he has to "be the psychopath" in order to write about dark characters. He says, "It might be scary sometimes, but that's what you have to do. Humans are complex; you'll be able to find most things within yourself. Just use your imagination."

Read the full interview here.

At the Southern Festival of Books last weekend, I was scheduled to interview local thriller author J.T. Ellison on the Chapter 16 Stage. Due to dangerous wind gusts, the live interview was cancelled—but I was still able to sit down and chat with Ellison.

In a spirited conversation, Ellison told me about the very hands-on research she has done to write books about homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson and medical examiner Samantha Owens. The author has gone on ride-alongs with the Metro Nashville Police Department and even completed four autopsies. Ellison also told me about some of the painful real-life events that inspired her latest book, a forensic thriller called A Deeper Darkness.

You can read the full interview here.

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In order to enter our giveaway of 10 thrillers, readers have to leave a comment with an explanation for why they enjoy suspenseful books. I have loved reading the comments. Here are a few:

"I love mysteries and thrillers because they transport me into a place that gets my heart pumpin and nails bitten."

"Mysteries and thrillers are the books that make me lose all sense of time as my thoughts are consumed with the puzzles that they provide."

"I love a mystery and always have. It isn’t so much the solution that intrigues me, but how it is arrived at that grips me."

"I love tightly written mysteries and thrillers that give clues to figure it out, but enough twists and turns that you couldn’t possibly predict the actual conclusion. The best is when I’m totally surprised and have to turn back and find those spots that I read as one thing when actually it was something totally different. The best!!"

Why do YOU love thrillers? Enter the contest and let us know.

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