As 2012 winds down, more news of 2013 books is trickling in. We're intrigued by the next release coming from Melanie Benjamin, one of the best writers of historical fiction based on real people working today. She's taking on Anne Morrow Lindbergh: writer, mother, and wife of famed aviator Charles Lindbergh, in The Aviator's Wife, out February 19 from Delacorte.  Quoth the catalog:

It was a picture-book marriage that prevailed through wild international acclaim and vilification, death-defying flights, and a kidnapping that stunned the world. Their every act and gesture was captured by an insatiable press. Melanie Benjamin deftly peers into the fairy tale that is the marriage of one of America's most famous couples, and brings gorgeous insight into two compelling lives.

Lindbergh was an avid chronicler of her own life—her collections of journals and letters have all been bestsellers, and the last installment was just published this year—so Benjamin should have more to draw from than she did for her first two novels, which told the stories of the real-life woman who inspired Alice in Wonderland, and 19th-century sensation Mrs. Tom Thumb—a real-life dwarf born Mercy Lavinia (Vinnie) Warren Bump.

Are you looking forward to this one?

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