Fans of world literature, mark May 14 on your calendar: brilliant young writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie will be publishing her fourth book, Americanah (Knopf).

The title comes from the word Nigerians use for those who have left the country for the US and become "Americanized"—a borderline insult. Adichie's heroine Ifemelu is surprised to find the term applied to her when she returns home after 15 years in the US. Especially since she's always felt ambivalent about America: the country not only separated her from her teenaged love, Obinze, who had his visa denied, it also made her truly conscious of race for the first time. But upon her return, she and Obinze are reunited and must see how their very different expatriate pasts affect both their relationship and their lives in a newly independent Nigeria.

Will you look for it?

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