I picked up Grace Grows thinking it would be a slow and easy read—book dessert, so to speak. The next thing I knew, I had devoured the entire book in one evening and was ravenously re-reading my favorite scenes!

So what makes Grace Grows so addicting? First of all, Grace is one of the most relatable characters I've found in women's fiction in a long time. She has it all—the beauty, the steady job, the fiancé—but on the inside she second-guesses herself and feels just as fat in those jeans as the rest of us.

Second, Tyler Wilkie has got to be the hottest man in fiction—if only he were real! And he has flaws, too, plus a touching vulnerability that haunts Grace throughout the book and forces her to be vulnerable with him as well.

Not only does Tyler Wilkie write beautiful love songs about Grace, we can actually listen to his songs on the album, written and recorded by Shelle Sumners' husband Lee Morgan on the book's website here.

My Q&A with Shelle Sumners proves she is just as interesting as her wonderful characters. In the interview, she told us that she is working on a sequel to Grace Grows about Tyler's sister Beck. I can hardly wait!

Anyone else have a fictional crush?

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