"Seriously, Dude, don't touch it."

How can you resist picking up a novel that tells you not to touch it? The subtitle is only a taste of David Wong's (a.k.a. Jason Pargin's) hilarious sense of humor.

Says our reviewer:

You know you’re in for it when the therapist assigned to “cure” you by the police (because you’ve persuaded them you’re a borderline psychopath) is creepier by far than any of the invisible spiders-who-turn-people-into-zombies which only you and your slacker friend John can see. True to his schlemiel essence, Wong hardly has to lift a finger for all bloody hell to break loose. When it does, he’s invariably caught somewhere between the feelings of “Oh, sh—!” and “Bring it on, man!”

The sequel to the fan favorite John Dies at the End, This Book is Full of Spiders promises to be just as clever and ridiculous (case in point: John is alive and well in this sequel).

Check out the funny (and creepy) book trailer put out by St. Martin's Press:

What do you think of Wong's comedic approach to horror? Will you dare to touch This Book is Full of Spiders?

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