Something fun came in the mail this week!

I'm a big fan of Erin Kelly, the British suspense author whom Stephen King has compared to ?Daphne du Maurier?. Kelly's first novel, The Poison Tree, was described as "a stunning debut" in BookPage's January 2011 issue. "Veteran mystery fans looking for nail-biting thrills will find plenty that is fresh and surprising about The Poison Tree, and Kelly’s masterful plotting and intricately crafted story make the comparisons to Tana French and Donna Tartt well-deserved." I'll add that it's a story that definitely keeps you guessing, and the characters drag you in from the very beginning. This was one that kept me planted firmly on my couch on a Friday after work, reading late into the night.

I was happy with Kelly's equally creepy follow-up, The Dark Rose, which also explored obsessive relationships and gnawing secrets.

The Burning Air looks to be cut from the same cloth. The MacBride family seems to lead the perfect life—the patriarch is the headmaster of a prestigious English private school. But is the matriarch a murderer? Find out on February 21.

Who's excited?

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