My co-editors and I have been busy voting on (and arguing over) our favorite books of 2012 (we'll share our official Best of 2012 list in a couple of weeks) . . . and now it's time for you to make your voice heard!

If you tell us your favorite NEW book you read in 2012, you will be entered to win 10 books in a genre of your choice, hand-picked by BookPage editors. (In other words, you could win 10 biographies, or 10 mysteries, or 10 historical novels, or 10 YA books . . .) I repeat: The book must be published in 2012, or we will not count your vote. Vote here.

You have until November 30 to vote, and we'll share the results in the December 4 edition of BookPageXTRA.

When you vote for your favorite book of the year, it helps us make BookPage better for you. If thousands of you vote for a suspense novel, we might cover more suspense. If you vote for memoirs, we might interview more memoirists. If you vote for a historical novel, we might give away more historical novels in our Monday Contests. You get the idea. So go vote, why don't you!

If you need a reminder of what books you loved this year, you might browse through our 2012 BookPage archive.

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