Love Southern mysteries? The Buzzard Table is the latest installment in Margaret Maron's popular Deborah Knott series, and Whodunit columnist Bruce Tierney recommends it for its "homespun sweetness . . . [that] doesn’t detract from the edginess."

In this 18th installment, clues from turkey vultures lead an English ornithologist to discover the ominous activity at a local airport in sleepy Colleton County, NC, where Knott is a judge. Writes Whodunit columnist Tierney, "I guarantee that any thought you might have had about Colleton County being a modern-day Mayberry will get blown away like a leaf in the wind."

Check out our 7 questions interview with Maron, where she shares her favorite thing about the holidays, a wonderful family tradition:

"Our 'Christmas Sing,' which is when close family and friends come out to the farm for an evening of good food, off-key singing, skits and much laughter—a 40-year-old tradition. The pre-teen children of those early years are grandparents now, and the in-laws and babies come, too."

Do you love Maron's clever Southern mysteries?

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