This just in: Curtis Sittenfeld is publishing a fourth novel on June 25, 2013.

Sisterland (Random House) is the story of twin sisters: Vi, a self-proclaimed psychic, and Kate, a wife and mother who ignores her own clairvoyant talents. When Vi predicts that a devastating earthquake is around the corner, Kate must decide if she is willing to risk her normal life to support her sister's claim—and possibly save their community.

From the catalog:

Funny, haunting, and thought-provoking, Sisterland is a beautifully written novel of the obligation we have toward others, and the responsibility we take for ourselves. With her deep empathy, keen wisdom, and unerring talent for finding the extraordinary moments in our everyday lives, Curtis Sittenfeld is one of the most exceptional voices in literary fiction today.

Though I liked Prep, Sittenfeld really caught my attention with American Wife, her brilliant, insightful novel based on the life of Laura Bush. I can't wait to read her take on a fraught sibling relationship, with the tension of a (potential) looming disaster thrown in. This is the novel I'll be taking on vacation with me. Will you look for it?

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