Lissy Ryder was the "it girl" in high school, but her adult life is taking a turn for the worse. Her high school boyfriend, now husband, is leaving her; her growing waistline can no longer be attributed to water weight; and her high school reunion is just around the corner.

Lissy arrives at the reunion expecting to be worshiped like in her glory days. Instead, she finds that she is hated by everyone, her old enemies and friends alike. If only she could go back in time and fix things.

What follows is a journey of self-discovery as Lissy gets a chance to do what many of us probably wish we could do: relive high school with a little more maturity and a little less "mean girl" attitude.

Jen Lancaster is known for her hilarious memoirs like Such a Pretty Fat and My Fair Lazy, and she has proved herself to be a versatile writer in Here I Go Again, her second work of fiction.

Look for our Q&A with Lancaster in our February edition of BookPage and watch the fun book trailer from Penguin:

Who were you in high school—the queen bee like Lissy Ryder, a nobody or maybe somewhere in between?

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