• If you love dogs like we do, you'll agree that this book trailer is just adorable. We have our fingers crossed that Nashville will be a stop on Maddie and Theron's tour!

• Speaking of tours, we are intrigued by Brit poet Simon Armitage's empty-pocket plans to walk a 260-mile stretch of the English coast this summer, giving poetry readings in exchange for food and shelter.

• We could hardly believe that the topic of Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten's next book, due in 2015, was actually pulled out of a hat. It sounds interesting to us!

• McSweeney's clever piece on Banned Performance Enhancing Substances in Literary Competitions had us laughing 'til our sides hurt.

• We were delighted to discover Hi Butterfly, the perfect place to shop for our bibliophile friends.

• Hearing about this poem handwritten by a 13-year-old Charlotte Brontë going up for auction has us wishing we had a spare $75,000 lying around.

• And seeing these literarily themed window displays at Bergdorf Goodman has us wishing we could hop the next flight to NYC to see them in person.

• Finally, try not to drool while taking in this visual feast of yummy-looking—well, most of them, anyway—cakes inspired by famous book covers.


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