girlsofatomicOak Ridge, Tennessee didn't exist until the American government bought land in the hills of Tennessee in 1942. Soon, 75,000 people were living and working in Oak Ridge, many of them young women just out of high school recruited to help in the war effort. No one knew exactly what they were working on until the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Then they were told the truth: they had been enriching uranium for the atomic bomb.

Although most women never dreamed of staying on in Oak Ridge, many married and settled there. These women provided author Denise Kiernan with an oral history of their part in the war effort and their ambivalent feelings about what happened that she records in The Girls of Atomic City.

Read our review in BookPage here and watch an interview-style book trailer with Denise Kiernan about The Girls of Atomic City:

Will you read The Girls of Atomic City? Do you think the government could keep such a big secret like the Manhattan Project today?

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