Forthcoming books are announced every day, but this week, there have been two big announcements that have us buzzing with anticipation—so of course we wanted to share the news with you!

First up is The Maramon Convention (Scribner), the forthcoming second novel from award-winning writer Abraham Verghese, whose Cutting for Stone was one of our Readers' Choice: Best Books of 2009. Set in Kerala, India, during the 1940s, The Maramon Convention follows "the life of a precocious girl who escapes her town in southern India to become a pioneering physician in spinal surgery." According to the announcement, the novel will be "another epic story, imbued with medicine, family, and matters of faith, imagining one person's resolve to make the crooked straight." No word yet on when the book will be published, but we'll keep you posted.

Next up is The Library Book (Simon & Schuster), from Susan Orlean, staff writer for The New Yorker and whose most recent book, Rin Tin Tin, was one of our Best Books of 2011. The Library Book is described as a "love letter to an endangered institution, exploring their history, their people, their meaning, and their future as they adapt and redefine themselves in a digital world, told through the lens of the author's quest to solve a crime that has gone unsolved since it was carried out in 1986: who set fire to the Los Angeles Public Library, ultimately destroying 400,000 books, and why?" Again, no word on the publication date, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear.

What do you think, readers? Which of these forthcoming books are you most looking forward to reading? Or is that an impossible question?

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