• We're super impressed and inspired by Lauren, an 11-year-old writer who's raised enough money on Kickstarter to self-publish her first book. Way to go! (Galley Cat)

• Book Riot contemplated how some well-known books would have been titled if Strunk and White had been in charge of naming them, resulting in some amusing alternatives.

• We say tomayto; they say tomahto. Yanks and Brits do things differently—including book covers. We enjoyed perusing Flavorwire's compilation of U.S. and U.K. covers and picking our favorites.

• If you're among the readers who've devoured Herman Koch's bestseller The Dinner (read our review here), you'll be happy to hear that his next book, Summerhouse with Swimming Pool, will be coming out next year. (Early Word)

• Maria Popova, curator of the TED bookstore at this year's conference, has posted a list of her selections on Brain Pickings. And we want all of them.

• In what we think is a brilliant move, the New York Public Library has instituted a new way for NYC subway riders to "check out" samples of ebooks to read while commuting. (The Paris Review)

• Speaking of libraries: Marilyn Monroe left behind a personal library of more than 400 books, many of which may surprise you—though we've always suspected that Arthur Miller's attraction to her was more than one dimensional. (Open Culture)

• Two words: literary fingerprint. (Book Patrol)

• Finally, we love the Twitter photo that artist Rosetti Rogers posted of her mother's use of a Kindle as a bookmark. (Galley Cat)


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