top10logoIf you have 14,000 messages in your overflowing inbox (like me) you might be a little reluctant to sign up for yet another free e-mail newsletter. We kept that in mind when we created the latest addition to our e-newsletter offerings. BookPage Top 10 offers one (and only one!) email per month, giving readers a quick rundown of the 10 books our editorial staff has selected as the best for the month ahead. BookPage editors evaluate hundreds of books every month, and these 10 books represent our favorites, across all categories and genres. (See a sample of a previous Top 10 e-newsletter here.) We can't guarantee that you'll like every book on our list, but we do hope that every reader will find at least one book that sets his or her reading heart aflutter.

The April Top 10 will be sent to subscribers Monday, April 1. If you'd like to get some fresh ideas for your reading list and keep your inbox clutter-free, sign up today.

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