For 35 years, beloved author Tony Hillerman captured the New Mexico landscape and the feel of reservation life like no one else, and readers loved him for his depictions of the American Southwest and his appreciation for its people, especially the Navajo. Hillerman's Navajo Tribal Police mystery series starring Leaphorn and Chee earned him multiple awards, including an Edgar Award and the Navajo Tribe's Special Friends of the Dineh Award.

Hillerman died in 2008 at the age of 83, and so the adventures of Leaphorn and Chee came to an end—until now.

spiderwomansdaughterHillerman's daughter, Anne Hillerman, is the author of eight nonfiction books, many of which document her father's favorite New Mexico landscapes. Now, she picks up where her father left off with Spider Woman's Daughter (Harper, 10/1). It continues the chronicles of Leaphorn and Chee, as well as introduces a new character, Bernadette Manuelito.

According to HarperCollins, Anne Hillerman spent the 10 years following her father's death going through everything he ever wrote, and it took another four years to capture the voice of the Leaphorn and Chee series. Spider Woman's Daughter is said to fit seamlessly with the rest of the series.

Are you excited for the return of Leaphorn and Chee? Will you look for Spider Woman's Daughter in October?

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