girlyouleftWe loved Jojo Moyes' last novel, Me Before You—and so did you! So it's a thrill to hear that the British author has another book coming on August 20. The Girl You Left Behind (Pamela Dorman Books) stars two heroines who hail from very different times, but are tied together by the same haunting portrait.

Sophie Lefevre bids a tearful farewell to her artist husband from their home in France as he leaves to fight the Germans in the summer of 1916. But soon after, the town falls under German control, and Sophie becomes an object of desire for the local Kommandant. Is there a limit to what she will do to save her family?

Nearly 100 years later, Liv Halston receives a portrait Eduard painted of Sophie as a gift from her own husband, shortly before he dies. When a chance meeting reveals the portrait's history, Liv finds herself at the center of her own moral struggle.

Though Moyes writes books that are generally classified as women's fiction, she possesses the rare ability to inject life and pathos into the most clichéd or rote-sounding plotline, as well as a talent for digging out historical details that ground her stories. Fans of writers like Tracy Chevalier and even Geraldine Brooks should definitely take note if you haven't read her already. I'm eager to read The Girl You Left Behind.

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