• For some reason, it surprised me that Virginia Woolf rolled her Rs. What do you think of this rare 1937 recording of her speaking, a true literary treat posted over on The Paris Review?

Last week, we linked to Book Riot's list of five books that had awful original titles. This week, The Huffington Post upped the ante by sharing the working titles—some awful, some not so awful—of 24 classics.

• Speaking of titles—and Book Riot—raise your hand if you agree with this list of four overly used title formulas that should be retired.

• Keep your hands raised if you suffer from the same "read and forget" affliction that Ian Crouch describes on Page-Turner.

• We always like to include a little eye candy, so here's Book Riot's compilation of some neat, quirky bookish lamps. Which one would you want to read by?

• Check out this Open Culture post of an essential reading list that Hemingway put together for a young aspiring writer back in 1934. Is anyone aside from me having trouble picturing Hemingway reading—much less recommending—Wuthering Heights?

• Finally, a one-of-a-kind first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, annotated by author J.K. Rowling, fetched $227,421 in a charity auction this week. Wow.

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