privateeyejulyThroughout Private Eye July, the editors of BookPage share some of their favorite mysteries and thrillers.

Jonathan Lethem's debut novel, Gun, With Occasional Music, is a book that just can't sit still: It's a cross between noir (with classic, crackling dialogue to match), sci-fi and a dystopian trip, and I'd recommend reading it twice to get it all straight. Follow it with Lethem's fifth novel, Motherless Brooklyn, gunwithoccasionalmusicanother of my favorites, for a look at how Lethem's detective novels have evolved.

Detective Conrad Metcalf lives in a near-future California where genetically engineered, talking "evolved" animals (kangaroos, rabbits . . .) are accepted members of society. The government is of typical 1984 fare, passing out drugs and monitoring citizens' activities. When a doctor turns up dead, Metcalf is dragged in over his head and faces threats from the government and gangsters alike.

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