privateeyejulyThroughout Private Eye July, the editors of BookPage share some of their favorite mysteries and thrillers.

likenessTana French has built up quite a reputation for her dense, literary mysteries, which are driven almost entirely by the needs, desires and obsessions of her characters. To my mind, The Likeness is her best and strangest story. It follows Detective Cassie Maddox as she is assigned to the case of a dead woman who looks exactly like her—and uses a name that Cassie herself once used as an alias. To discover who "Alexandra Madison" was, Cassie must go undercover as the dead girl herself, even moving into the house that Alexandra shares with her unusually close-knit group of friends.

French has said that Donna Tartt's claustrophobically creepy novel The Secret History was a major influence on her, and nowhere is this more evident than in The Likeness, as a growing sense of unease permeates the creaky old house where these fiercely devoted friends close themselves off from the outside world.

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