• The judges and shortlists for the 2013 PEN Literary Awards have been announced. Were any of your favorite authors or books nominated?

• Book Riot's collection of delightful literary Google Doodles has us anxiously awaiting the next one.

• Did you know that Whitman paid to have Leaves of Grass published and even helped in the typesetting? His seminal work joins four others on Mental Floss' list of classics that were originally self-published.

• This Page-Turner blog post explaining the philosophical debate between book fetishists and anti-fetishists is sure to stir up impassioned debate among bibliophiles everywhere.

• Speaking of debates, what do you think about BuzzFeed's tongue-in-cheek list of 25 favorite books that should raise red flags? (If I didn't have a sense of humor, I'd take umbrage with the very first one!)

• If you have an insatiable appetite for new reading material—or are just intrigued by the concept—you should check out this site called No Names, No Jackets (3NJ), where writers anonymously post single chapters and good, solid writing can be enjoyed without the distractions of fancy jacket designs or author expectations.

• Brain Pickings has collected the fascinating seven-word autobiographies composed by famous writers, artists and musicians who've participated in the Live from the New York Public Library program. What would your seven words be?

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